A Texan Woman Bought a Mirror Thinking it Was an iPad

iPadA woman from Texas was fooled into thinking that a mirror is the new iPad. Salonta Freeman was reported to pay $200 for a fake tablet. A stranger offered the women some units of iPad and laptop with ridiculous discounts and agreed to relinquish his iPad for only $200 or a fourth the official retail price.

This wasn’t the first case of scam attempts, previously a woman from South Carolina bought a block of wood thinking that she purchased a very cheap iPad. Offers like these are often too good to pass up, particularly with the holiday season just right around the corner.

The faux iPad seemed to be masterfully crafted and complete with the distinctive Apple logo; it looks exactly like the real thing when seen from the back. Prices and labels cover the reflective display on the front and overall we get a nice piece of reflective glass, disguised as an iPad. However, if you are lucky enough, it is possible to get the latest iPad model that is cheaper than the official price.

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