A7 Processor for iPhone 5S Will be 31 Percent Faster Than the A6

iPhone 5S ProcessorInside sources have recently revealed to the media some details on the A7 SoC to be used on the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S. The chip is expected to be about 31 percent faster than the older A6 processor found inside the iPhone 5. It isn’t known what type of benchmarking test used to make the comparison.

We also don’t know whether they 31 percent improvement is only related to CPU processing performance or also involves the GPU, since both components work together within a single SoC. Apple has migrated to the ARM8 architecture with its A7 processor and this would give the iPhone 5S a 20 percent improvement in efficiency and the 64-bit support could help to increase performance with compatible apps.

It is also said in a separate rumor that the A7 processor will support motion tracking feature. Apple previously filed patents on post processing techniques for images and the chip will make it smoother for the device to manipulate the image after it was taken.