An Android Smartphone Will Be Sent to Space to Participate in a Scream Test

Android SmartphoneIt is widely believed that no one can hear you scream in space. Nevertheless, a group of scientists from the Cambridge University seeks to test the veracity of this assumption. The group has invited YouTube users to upload clips of them screaming and the best ten videos will be transferred to an Android smartphone.

Obviously, this is no ordinary device as the phone will be launched into the outer space inside a small satellite. Once in orbit, the phone will play these videos over and over through its speaker. So, whatever comes out of it will be beamed back to the surface of the Earth and recorded by the ground station. Scientists will analyze whether the absence of air and atmospheric disturbance will allow ear-piercing screams to be heard from thousands of miles away.

This is the earliest implementation of the first smartphone-powered satellite called, STRanD-1. Powerful receiver and computer had been deployed in the Surrey Space Center to monitor the transmission from the satellite, once it is in orbit.