An Automatic Smartphone and Tablet Cleaning Robot Will Be Available Soon in Japan

Smartphone and TabletMost tablet and smartphone users know how hard it is to keep their display squeaky clean. Wiping it with across your shirt doesn’t always solve the problem. A newly released robot model, called the AutoMee-S, could be just what users are looking for. Like the well-known Roomba vacuum, it can automatically clean the front side of your smartphone.

With the small cleaning pads and integrated edge detection capability, the AutoMee-S will easily scoot itself along the smartphone and offer a reliable cleaning job. The gadget measures only 2” in diameter and weighs less than 100 grams. It will be sold in four different color options, including blue, pink, white and orange. The Takara TOMY Company, Ltd will sell the device for only about $17 or slightly more than 1,500 Yen.

This could be an exciting novelty device to have, if you regularly smudge your device with oily fingers. The AutoMee-S may eventually make its way to other countries at some point. But, it could also be possible to purchase it online, once the gadget is available in Japan.