An Error Message on Windows Phone 8 Looks Similar to One Found On Windows 8

Windows Phone 8Windows Phone 8 for smartphones, Windows RT for tablets and Windows 8 for PCs are all based on the same kernel. Therefore, it’s not surprising if they share similar characteristics including, amusingly, a notification to insert the installation CD. The request is triggered after a failed flashing attempt occurs, which results in boot up failure.

Windows Phone 8 simply advises users to insert the installation disc, restart the “computer”, choose language and choose “Repair your computer” option. Obviously, this is just a harmless, slightly annoying mistake because someone forgot to modify the notification message.

Fortunately, the notification message doesn’t appear too often on Windows Phone 8 devices. This happens only when the device is inadvertently bricked. Fixing bricked smartphone is different with handling a locked Windows 8 PC. In the case of Nokia Lumia 920, users need to download Nokia Care Suite and NaviFirmPlus. Both are Windows-based software and users need a working PC to fix the smartphone.