Android 4.2 Will Feature Pinch to Zoom Ability

Pinch to ZoomAndroid 4.1.2 is the last stable version of Google’s mobile operating system, a minor upgrade to the Android 4.1.1 used by Nexus 7. The newest update offer bug fixes and numerous performance improvements. The next version of the OS, Android 4.2, will add some feature enhancements. For example, the Gmail app will allow users to swipe emails off the display to either archive or delete them. The app will also feature an undo button to revert all accidental swipes.

With pinch to zoom feature, users will be able to look on smaller details by spreading their finger out. This would be one of Gmail’s most favored features. Although Google hasn’t given the Android 4.2 an official nod, it is already reported that the new OS version already appears in Google Analytics and server logs. So while many consumers are waiting for Android 4.1 upgrade, the Android 4.2 may arrive a bit too soon. Google has unified smartphones and tablets with Android 4.x versions, but they don’t seem to solve the fragmentation issues effectively.

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  1. Hasen March 28, 2013