Android 4.2 Will Feature Tighter Security Standard

Android 4.2Google is regularly stepping up its security features with new Android versions and as we dig deeper into the Alpha version of the Android 4.2, we can easily understand how the company is prioritizing on security capabilities. Although not all features in Alpha version will make into the final build, we can still be sure than Android is getting safer than before. With the SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) standard, Android 4.2 won’t allow some third party apps from accessing all files stored in the phone. There are multiple permission modes employed by SELinux.

The more lenient one, Permissive, logs all activities, while allowing an app to get root access and this mode is likely enabled for Google’s own apps, such as Gmail, Maps and Youtube. The Enforcing mode blocks third-party apps to gain maximum safety levels, which prevents Trojan app from compromising the entire system. Another feature called VPN lockdown will no longer allow users to send data over normal connection channel when they sign out from the VPN network. There will also be a mechanism to effectively combat SMS scam schemes.

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  1. Efrain Hunton April 15, 2013