Angry Birds Star Wars is Released

Angry Birds Star WarsRovio has partnered with Lucasfilm to release the new Star Wars-themed spin off Angry Birds for various platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac and Windows. In this game, players guide a plucky group of birds inspired from protagonists of Star Wars franchise in their struggle against the notorious evil pigs.

Players can swing lightsaber, use the Force and employ various means to blast away pigs on the arduous intergalactic journey from the dry deserts of Tattooine to the gigantic Pig Star. The early version of Angry Birds Star Wars offers more than 80 levels and eventually users will face off against the evil Darth Vader himself.

Angry Birds Star Wars is the 5th major installment of the famous mobile game franchise, which has racked up about 1 billion downloads since its first launch in 2009. The Angry Birds franchise has spawned toys, books, board games and others, while Star Wars has become an important part of our modern culture for decades.