Apple is Found Infringing Patents Owned By MobileMedia Ideas

MobileMedia IdeasUS Jury from Delaware federal court has recently found that Apple infringed three patents belonged to the MobileMedia Ideas. These patents are related to camera phone technology and have been implemented on the iPhone. MobileMedia Ideas acquired them from Sony Corp. and Nokia in 2010.

Sony and Nokia haven’t released official statements regarding to this issue. The trial only defined liability issues and the court hasn’t scheduled damages proceedings yet. There are also litigations pending against RIM and HTC Corp. regarding to infringements on MobileMedia technology.

Apple has responded by making these patents invalid and argued that there’s no sufficient legal basis to prove the infringement case. MobileMedia Ideas was formed by Nokia and Sony. Since 2010, the firm has sued the iPhone’s maker over infringements on 14 patents, which cover various mobile technologies such as data processing & collection, reject incoming calls and others.