Apple May Release iPhone 6 on September This Year

A major carrier in Germany, the Deutsche Telekom, has allegedly informed its subscribers that the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 will arrive on September 19 this year. Although network providers are generally trustworthy sources, we should take this report with a pinch of salt. The operator could simply suspect that a new iPhone model is typically released on third Friday of September.

It’s worth noting that Apple unveiled the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S on September 20th last year. Both devices were poorly kept secrets and we had quite a lot of information about them weeks before the actual release dates.

It is speculated that there will be another pair of iPhone models released this year. The iPhone 6 Air with 4.7-inch display and a phablet model with 5.5-inch display, probably the iPhone 6 Pro. The Deutsche Telekom is the actual corporate parent of the US carrier T-Mobile and we may need to cast a cynical eye on any report related to the iPhone 6, before Apple makes an official confirmation. It is said that the iPhone 6 will be equipped with Sapphire Glass/LiquidMetal chassis, as well as TouchID button and NFC (Near Field Communication).