Apple Responds to the Recent Announcement of Samsung Galaxy S4

Apple iPhoneFor most of the time, much of the buzz in the smartphone industry is about Apple and its iOS devices. Understandably, the company hates it when they are being forgotten even only for awhile. This has happened in recent days, as the official release of Samsung Galaxy S4 makes everyone drooling over for it.

One thing that makes Apple really nervous is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the potential to beat its flagship the iPhone 5. As a response, the company puts up a new webpage on its official website filled with the promise that there will be “everything else” besides the iPhone. The company says the craftsmanship of the iPhone is comparable to luxury watches and the webpage also goes through a number of major features including the Retina Display and long lasting battery.

Apple and its fans are known for their argument that the iPhone allows then to get so many things done quickly and easily. Since its launch nearly six years ago, the Apple iPhone has consistently grabbed the best selling smartphone title.