Apple’s Study Revealed Why Consumers Choose Android

Apple Study - Why Consumers Choose AndroidApple faced a dilemma a couple of years ago; it had an exclusive 5-year deal with AT&T, while Android surged ahead, capturing sizable market share. Being tied with one carrier held the company back, but it achieved more profitability than others in the market as AT&T paid the company directly for each iPhone sold. Apple recently evaluated the impact of this strategy and a poll told us why the company chose Android over iPhone.

Legal battles between Samsung and Apple have revealed important information; for example 25 percent of Android users initially wanted to buy an iPhone, but settled for an Android device instead. Of that 25 percent, 43 percent didn’t want to switch carriers, 36 percent trusted Android as a brand and 30 percent preferred to have a larger screen.

Apple’s poll allows respondents to choose more than one answer, so some customers might think switching carriers and iPhone’s smaller screen to be equally unacceptable. It should be noted that the iPhone is now available on most carriers and this fact doesn’t seem to affect Android’s expansion.

Other reasons consumers chose Android because they preferred Google Play store, integrated Google services, latest smartphone technologies and turn-by-turn GPS.