ARM Unveils First 64-Bit Mobile Architecture

ARM 64 Bit Mobile ArchitectureARM debuts the first 64-bit mobile architecture and it also unveils future Cortex processor based on the new architecture. This is the most advanced architecture the British firm has ever released and AMD also reveals a plan to use it to design new processor for low-wattage servers. Dubbed Cortex A57 and Cortex A53, these new processors are due for release in 2014.

Cortex A57 would be the most advanced and most powerful, single-threaded processor ever exists. ARM claims that it offers a performance level of legacy PC, while maintaining power and cost efficiency for device manufacturers and end-users. The Cortex A53 is a slower, more efficient version of the A50, which will supersede the current A9, while providing better performance and lower energy requirements.

It is hard to predict the amount of performance delivered by the A50, but it is clear that future smartphones and tablets would be able to address more than 4GB of RAM. Newer high-end smartphones already have 2GB of RAM and we may start to see limitations of current 32-bit chips in 2014.