BlackBerry May Contain Some Amount of Allergens

Blackberry SmartphonesA study was performed recently to test the presence of two common allergens, nickel and cobalt on several popular mobile devices. The test showed that a third of BlackBerry models seem to contain some amount of nickel. It is widely believed in the medical field that nickel and cobalt can cause itchy, dry patches along the ears, jawline and cheekbones. Many clamshell phone models are also known to have both elements.

Both were also previously found on makeup, coins, jewelry and other consumer products. Those allergic to nickel and cobalt should consider using Motorola Droids or Apple iPhones to reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions. If users still need to use a BlackBerry, it is recommended to avoid prolonged handling of the phone for example sending text messaging and making voice call. It is also a good idea to use clear film screens, plastic phone cases or wireless ear pieces.