Corning Gorilla Glass is Already Used on More than 1 Billion Devices

Corning Gorilla GlassMany of us can vividly remember getting our first smartphone and the thought of carrying expensive, sophisticated piece of hardware everywhere was a bit hard to deal with. Many first-time smartphone users babied their treasured new toys and some even bought heavy duty protective case. Like any parent, we eventually realize that our smartphones are tougher and more independent that we gave them credit for. A significant part of the toughness can be credited to a special type of glass layer that has protected many phone models.

Corning Gorilla Glass can be considered a household name among mobile manufacturers and it is already used by more than one billion active phone units, spanning 500 models, which are released by 33 different major brands. Corning’s solution came out innocently enough as a toughened glass layer on a few phone models. The product burst onto the scene a couple years ago and some notebooks as well as a few TV models are already equipped with the glass. Corning continues to record sizable net profits in 2012, although less than what they earned in 2011.

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