Corning Will Introduce Gorilla Glass 3 in CES 2013

Corning Gorilla Glass 3Glass may seem like a mundane material, but it has a vital role in 21st century technology including in the mobile industry. Its excellent transparency property never gets in the way of our visual enjoyment. Manufactured by Corning, the Gorilla Glass is widely considered by experts and consumers in the mobile industry as glass on steroids. The product has protected many millions of devices in the market with its impressive durability and strength.

It has recently been tipped that Corning is planning top unveil it’s next generation product, the Gorilla Glass 3 at the upcoming CES 2013, which is both thinner and stronger. Little is known about the product, but it is certain that Gorilla Glass 3 will come with enhanced durability. Previous Gorilla Glass models were primarily consisted of aluminosilicate, a combination of silicon and a few other proprietary chemicals.

It’s not known how much the Gorilla Glass 3 would be different, but Corning will surely make some interesting demonstrate to show of the improved toughness of Gorilla Glass 3.

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