“Do Not Disturb” Bug on iOS 6 Devices Will Automatically Correct Itself on January 7th

Do Not Disturb BugApple has acknowledged the existence of a bug that affects the “Do Not Disturb” feature. Apparently, it stays active past the scheduled time. Apple assures that the glitch will be automatically corrected after January 7th. In the meantime, users can manually turn the feature off by going to Settings>Notifications>Do Not Disturb and choose Scheduled to Off.

The iOS 6.0 adds the Do Not Disturb feature to block notifications, except for the most essential ones. There’s also a scheduling feature that automatically enable or disable the feature at a predetermined time.

The glitch prevents the feature to be disabled as scheduled, forcing users to toggle it off manually. In some cases, users need to reboot device to confirm the switch. Apple often has issues with clocks and alarms settings around the New Year’s Day. This is entirely a software glitch and the company may have deemed it as something too trivial to require a patch.