Easter Egg In Android 4.2 Unlocks A New Interactive Daydream

Android 4.2 - Jelly BeanOne new exciting features of Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) is the Daydream, which is essentially a built-in screensaver. The Daydream is activated when the device is docked or connected to a charger. It turns out that Google has hidden a rather interesting Easter Egg within the Daydream.

Google regularly hides version art in each Android version release since Gingerbread. Users can go to the Settings > About device and tap on the version number repeatedly to display the version art. Gingerbread zombie is shown in the Gingerbread, Android bee on Honeycomb, Android Nyan cat on Ice Cream Sandwich and floating Jelly Beans on Jelly Bean.

The Android 4.2 brings something a bit more interesting and instead of a static version art, users get a new Daydream, which can also be enabled when the device is docked or charged. Even better, the new Daydream is interactive with the ability to fling the beans. Other Daydreams lack interactivity and this is one thing that is a bit disappointing for many users.

Android 4.2 Daydream Feature + New Easter EGG!

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