Google Releases a New Location API in the I/O Event

Google Location APIThe Google I/O event this year is focused more on software development, instead of actual hardware launches. But that doesn’t mean that Android users can’t get direct benefits from it. One of them is the new location API, which can be used by third party developers. This should open the way for tons of new capabilities and the new location service is focused more on coverage, accuracy and power.

This means, apps using the new API can use location data while being more accurate, available in more places and drawing less power from the mobile device. Users can effectively employ geo-fences and better track certain locations. The fused location feature can simplify ways to refer location and it fuses all available connectivity options such as GPS, WiFi and cellular connection to determine location.

There are three power usage modes; high-accuracy (20 meter accuracy), balanced power (40 meter accuracy) and no power (1 mile accuracy). The API supports software version as early as Android 2.2 Froyo.