Green Throttle Games is Preparing a Game Controller for Android Devices.

Green Throttle Games - Altas Game ControllerGreen Throttle Games has unveiled its upcoming controller, called the Atlas. Like other controllers in the market, the Atlas is designed to remedy issues faced by mobile games when using touch-only devices. The controller can be connected through simple Bluetooth connection and it supports HDMI-out connection through microHDMI or mobile high-definition link. Green Throttle has released a video promotion, which suggests that the device could become a gaming controller we all ever need.

The accessory isn’t available for consumers just yet, but it is possible for game makers to preorder the controller to help them develop apps that support the controller. The preorder price of Atlas currently stands at $44.95, which is roughly similar to the going rate for gaming controllers used today. The device doesn’t have a definite release date yet and pre-ordered developer kits will be shipped on December 12 for game makers.