HP Introduces Innovative Glass-Less 3D Technology That Eliminates Headaches

HP Glass-Less 3D TechnologyHP have published a paper a few days ago describing the possibility of delivering 3D technology without requiring users to wear special glasses. Obviously, the concept is not new in the industry, previously HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D featured glass-free 3D panels. Unfortunately, more sensitive users have complained of suffering headaches and after a short-lived excitement, it seemed that the whole 3D craze died off quickly. The technology only has a decent success in the mobile console market in the form of Nintendo 3DS.

So, what’s the big deal? HP promises that their 3D innovation eliminates discomforts that some people may be getting when using current glass-less 3D panels. Previously, users need to stare hard to see 3D images and both the psychological and physical strains cause pounding headaches after a while.

HP researchers employ nanotechnology methods to etch multiple circles into the glass, which is filled with tiny groves. Light passed through the glass is bent into 64 different points of view. The right and left eyes can catch one point of view each, until up to 45-degree viewing angle, allowing users to see 3D images effortlessly.

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