HP’s Cancelled Smartphone, WindsorNot, Appears on an Image

HP WindsorNotHP bought webOS from Palm with the intention of competing with iOS and Android. Unfortunately, the plan never really worked out. The most popular webOS device was the Touchpad tablet, which failed miserably. HP was forced to drop the price to $99 as a way to empty the inventory. It appears that the PC manufacturer did have a plan for different webOS smartphone after the Veer and Pre 3. The phone was called WindsorNot and its image has been leaked recently.

The phone was named after the Windsor, a previously cancelled handset. The WindsorNot was planned to arrive in late 2011, months after the release of the Pre 3. Visually and internally, the phone is similar to the Pre 3, except for the use of webOS 3.x and larger 4” display. Unfortunately, the webOS 3.x was simply a shrunken down version of the software used by the Touchpad tablet. The WindsorNot was scrapped as HP didn’t have enough resources to develop everything it has in the pipeline.