HTC Could Be Preparing a 5” Phablet

HTC SmartphoneIf 720p display is no longer enough for you, it is a good thing to know that HTC is working on a 5” phablet with full-HD resolution. DigiTimes revealed that the device will use a display with 1794 x 1080 resolutions, which is rather unusual. The display may actually has a full 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution, but Samsung decides to allocate 126 vertical lines for the virtual navigation buttons, used by Android 4.0. Recent GLbenchmark results reveal a device using Qualcomm MSM8960 S4 processor paired with Adreno 320 GPU. The processor has a maximum clock rate of 1.5GHz and it should be a match for the 5” display with a crazy resolution.

HTC regularly updates its Android devices twice each year and if the 5” premium phablet is really what the Taiwanese phone maker is cooking up, this could be the direct competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. HTC has suffered poor financial performance and some aggression could prove to be useful.