Huawei is Working on Dual-OS Smartphone

Huawei SmartphonesHuawei is planning to launch a dual-OS smartphone with Android and Windows Phone operating systems in Q2 2014. This piece of information came from someone high in Huawei’s hierarchy, the Chief Marketing Officer, Shao Yang. Although Huawei still prioritizes more on Android, apparently Microsoft’s Windows Phone is still its operating system of choice.

It is clear that the Chinese phone maker is willing to support Windows Phone, only if it’s accompanies by the more popular Android OS. However, the phone is a good alternative to Android fans who want to try Windows Phone environment, without making the actual transition. This will benefit Microsoft, since the company can borrow Android’s popularity to potentially elevate its own market share in the mobile industry.

Users will be able to change the operating system as they wish, consequently there’s a possibility that some of them will eventually upgrade to a Windows Phone device. Huawei is currently the 3rd largest smartphone maker in the global market and the company has revealed that it looking at other platform. It means, it will watch all available operating system, perhaps except Tizen. Samsung’s home-grown mobile platform still has a rather questionable future at the moment and it is mostly used for smartwatches and smart TVs.