Intel is Developing a 48-Core Mobile Processor

Intel Mobile ProcessorMobile phones are growing as influential mobile devices and they have become a very vital part in our life. It’s clear that features phones priced above $100 are on the way out. Many component makers are working really hard to provide the most advanced products. Intel is now preparing an impressive mobile processor with 48 cores and it could be ready for end user devices in 5 to 10 years, Intel argues that it won’t be practical to send all multimedia files for processing in the cloud and expect a remote server to perform these tasks. This would be a goal that’s worthy of consideration.

The new processor would also impact server-side services, such as Siri. Currently, our voice commands are sent to a distant network, processed by a server and returned as simple text for rendering purposes. Developers make remote servers grind unceasingly in hopes that users understand the output. With a 48-core processor, the majority of cloud-based tasks can be transferred to mobile devices.

One decade is a long way and the 48-core chip is very much in development, but this makes us hopeful that mobile industry will continue to progress and offers us better technology.