Intel Will Release 22nm Mobile Processors in 2013

Intel Mobile ProcessorsIntel has confirmed its intention to release a next generation SoC for mobile device in 2013. The earlier Intel Medfield processor was only able to scratch the paint of ARM’s might and the company still fails to grab sizable market share. ARM is currently controlling 90 percent of the mobile industry and despite relatively a new arrival; the Intel Atom Medfield processor has already been largely forgotten.

Intel plans to forge ahead by applying the technology used by 22nm Ivy Bridge architecture and this was announced recently in San Francisco during the International Electron Device Meeting.

Despite its technological advantages, Intel needs to take on strong players in the industry, Nvidia with its 40nm chips and Qualcomm’s at 28nm. Squeezing technologies usually not available in PC processors, such as NFC and 3G, will present new challenges. Intel will employ Ivy Bridge’s 3D Tri-Gate transistors to overcome this problem. Intel’s 22nm Tri-Gate mobile processors would offer a huge boost in performance and power efficiency, which allows for longer battery life.