iOS 6 Seems to Be Lest Satisfactory for Loyal iPhone Customers

Apple iOS 6According to recent survey, it appears that the new iOS 6 doesn’t do Apple any favor in user satisfaction category. The survey gathered data from 16,000 iPhone users in the United States and it appears, they are more satisfied with the iOS 5. While the drop is small, this is still noteworthy as new Apple’s releases are often wildly accepted. There has always been a sharp increase in user satisfaction as customers upgrade their iPhone from one version to a newer one. We noted a substantial jump between iOS 4 and iOS 5, so a slight drop with the iOS 6 looks really unusual.

Nevertheless, despite the obvious decrease, the overall satisfaction level is still very high overall. Apple is taking a significant lead over Android devices. While iOS 6 has some disappointing capabilities and features, judging by current trends, the iPhone 5 will be Apple’s another huge success.