Jolla Is Partnering with Sailfish OS

Jolla Sailfish OSJolla is known in the mobile industry for its unusual move. The MeeGo OS has been largely abandoned by Nokia and Jolla has decided to pick it up. To further improve its chance for success, Jolla has formed a strategic alliance with the development team behind Sailfish OS, a Linux-based platform. Jolla will soon reveal details related to Sailfish SDK and attendees at a conference event later this month will get an opportunity to see Jolla’s first device. But unfortunately, Jolla wouldn’t let anyone to get their hands on the device.

Jolla plans to initially show the hardware, but it can’t yet let the media close to it. The company will release a modified form of MeeGo OS and license to ODM and OEM manufacturers, operators and retailers will be released in 2013. A Sailfish variant will be employed by organizations who have participated in the alliance. Jolla promised that software for both MeeGo and Sailfish will be largely similar.