Kyocera Milano Review

Kyocera MilanoIt is easy to think of the Kyocera Milano as another messaging-oriented handset. Despite the presence of some attractive touches, the phone is decidedly a bulky and dull affair. One huge disappointment is the poor display, not only it is unbearably small at 3-inch, the QVGA resolution makes texts look choppy and graphics look fuzzy.

Although we should appreciate Kyocera’s decision to use a capacitive panel, most Android apps look rather unattractive. The user interface feels like Vanilla Android, except for the addition of Sprint ID and flick-to-unlock feature. Predictably, it is hard to get anything decent with the 3.2Mp rear camera. While colors are adequate, edges look blurry and the absence of LED flash would hurt low-light performance immensely.

The built-in video recording app only offers an option to take VGA clips and the 68MB of onboard storage would be expended rather quickly. Undoubtedly, the Kyocera Milano is a generally basic smartphone with poor display and camera. Nevertheless, it is a good thing to know that we only need to cough up $29.99 (with 2-year contract) to purchase the phone.