Larger Display May Cause the iPhone to Lose Its “Thumb Coverage” Advantage

Apple iPhoneMany of us would easily applaud Apple for its decision to increase the display size on the upcoming iPhone. Without doubt, games, videos and movies will look a lot better on a bigger screen and Android enthusiasts are now flocking to handsets with 4.3” display or higher. It is commonly believed that Apple insisted to use 3.5” display on the iPhone 4S to keep users’ thumbs within easy reach of the whole display. So it has a direct connection to user experience. iPhone users are used to 3.5” display and they can be much more resistive to larger screen.

A big display will make harder for people to use the phone, especially those who refuse to use more than one hand.

Today, Android and iPhone users seem to use their devices differently. With the Samsung Galaxy Note (5.3”) and Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.8”) selling like hot cakes, it is now quite common to see that users are using both hands.

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