Lenovo May Soon Release a Windows Phone 8 Smartphone

Lenovo Windows PhoneIn recent years, Lenovo has been focusing only on one mobile platform; Android and the company introduced no less than six new Android smartphones at CES 2013. There’s the IdeaPhone K900 along with five other more affordable models.

According to recent reports, there’s a fair chance that the company will spice up its mobile devices portfolio by releasing a new Windows Phone 8 smartphone. Lenovo is still evaluating the potential of such a handset and there should be more definite decisions in coming months. Should the company choose to introduce a WP8 smartphone, we should see it hit the shelves in the latter half of 2013.

Lenovo officials quoted security concerns as the primary driving reason for the possible release of Windows Phone 8 handset. There are more than a few reports of malware targeting devices with Android OS.

Due to its much smaller market footprint, Windows Phone 8 is considered as a safer mobile platform.