Lenovo Will Soon Release Its First Windows Phone 8.1 Smartphone

Lenovo officially became Microsoft’s new partner in Windows Phone hardware developments back in February. We also heard that the company will release its first Windows Phone 8.1 model this summer. There’s no official confirmation from both Lenovo and Microsoft, but a high-ranking official from the former has promised that there will be a Lenovo-made Windows Phone 8.1 device this year.

There are no further details about the phone, so we don’t know whether Lenovo will aim for high-end or budget-conscious consumers. There are multiple Windows Phone OEMs in the market, including Microsoft’s own Nokia and Samsung. The company’s involvement in this niche market would provide better penetration of Windows Phone platform in the Chinese market. While largely known for its good laptop designs, Lenovo also released multiple decent mobile devices.

The Windows Phone 8.1 could finally deliver support for high-end features, such as high-resolution 1080p display and fast quad-core processors. We shouldn’t be too surprised to see Lenovo’s WP 8.1 offering 4.5-inch to 5.0-inch display and Snapdragon 400/600 quad-core processor. In any case, we would soon get further details from both unofficial sources and Lenovo itself.