LG Adds Crystal Reflection Back Cover to the Optimus G

LG Optimus GThe LG Optimus G is gearing up to be the fastest Android smartphone on the planet and the unique back cover alone tells us that it’s no ordinary smartphone.   It took more than a year for LG to develop and patent the “Crystal Reflection” back cover technology. The cover is made completely of glass and depending on how the light falls on it; the cover boasts subtle color changes due to specific placement of prisms under the surface.

Its intricate polarized 3D pattern sparkles almost jewel-like under the surface. Manufactured using laser cutting equipments, it results in a much cleaner finish and superb metallic highlights. The downside of this innovative material is the slight increase in weight, but an extra ounce or two could be acceptable if you can have something that looks premium.

LG’s top priority seems to carry over its unique design genetics to the Optimus G. It’s quite easy to see that the G incorporates design elements we see on previous phones, such as L-series, Prada and Chocolate.