LG Could Release the G Flex 2 Next Year

Another tweet from the ever-helpful, @evleaks, hints about the successor of LG G Flex and it is expected to arrive in Q1 2015. According to rumors, it will be equipped with something more interesting than the current self-healing rear cover used by the original Lg G Flex. Last years, there was a report that the company was planning to develop a phone that users can bend at 90-degree angle, like typical clamshell handset, but without hinges. The LG G Flex could bump the screen resolution to Full HD 1080p resolution.

The original LG G Flex came with 6-inch 720p display, which is equal to 245ppi of pixel density. Although this falls well below the value offered by current top-shelf models, the phone appeals to users who prefer bendable display.
If LG could bring the resolution to 1080p on the same 6-inch display, the Flex 2 could deliver an acceptable 368ppi of pixel display; higher than the Apple iPhone 5S. Putting all the little pieces together; it appears that the LG G Flex 2 would prove to be a rather decent successor of the original G Flex. LG is also rumored to deliver a smartphone model based on the Silver program and we should soon see more great things from the company.