LG Is Developing a Cable-Shaped Battery

LG Cable-Shaped BatteryA team of researchers from LG released a paper about new battery prototype that is flexible and can withstand a large amount of strain. They used a 4th gen. iPod Shuffle and the battery seems to survive severe bending and twisting while delivering adequate power to operate the MP3 player and its LED display.

The goal is that to get the battery ready for mass production and it should be suitable for future flexible smartphones. The day may come none too soon for phone makers to develop more novel form factors as they are no longer hampered by battery design limitations. Flexible, cable-shaped battery can alter smartphone landscape significantly as battery is often the limiting factor during the design stage, By freeing up design limitations, highly flexible and durable battery designs can become a part of the next disruptive technologies that could make the path wide open for amazing innovations. There have been attempts to make lighter and smaller batteries, but they still don’t resolve constraints owing to circular and more complex polygonal shapes.