LG Will Release the Optimus G2 Next Year

LG Optimus G2Like other major phone makers, LG is wasting no time releasing one smartphone after another. After launching the Nexus 4 for Google and its own Optimus G handset, the company is preparing to release a new phone, called the Optimus G2. It may eventually arrive May 2013 and could also come packing with the now famous 5” 1080p displays. While LG may not officially use “Optimus G2” as the commercial name, the device is powerful enough to be placed next to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4.

HTC has recently released the world’s first 1080p smartphone, the J Butterfly and its variant, the Droid DNA. Other phone makers are scrambling to match it. On top of that, we should expect the Optimus G2 to boast the snappy 1GHz quad-core chip and a camera that could be higher that 8Mp. If this is true, LG would easily steal some of the spotlights away from Samsung’s S4.

While it has been releasing more than a few impressive smartphones, LG has never been achieved the top contender status. Now, that the Optimus G and Nexus 4 are shedding favorable light on the South Korean manufacturer, quite a few users would look forward to LG’s next mobile powerhouses.