MediaTek MT6592 Octa Core Processor Achieves High Benchmark Score

MediaTek Octa Core ProcessorWith whopping eight cores that can run at the same time, the new MediaTek MT6592 processor sounds like an impressive hardware platform. However, we still need to figure out whether the MT6592 is a true advancement in the company’s portfolio or it is nothing more than just a sales pitch. In any case, by releasing the MT6592, MediaTek has crossed into a hostile territory.

Qualcomm and Samsung may see MediaTek’s new processor a credible threat to their own products. Considering that the MT6592 is equipped with Mali-450 quad-core GPU, the chip does look like a threat.

Based on early official benchmark, the 2GHz variant of the processor scored as high as 32,600 points, while the 1.7GHz variant scored just a tad low, at 30,000 points. Sure, any result of synthetic benchmark is by no means an exhaustive performance indicator, but it still gives us a good perspective. However, MediaTek didn’t say whether the test was performed on a device with 720p or 1080p display. Screen resolution could have a significant impact on performance level.

Also, there was talk that AnTuTu us a bit too generous in giving scores for multi-core hardware platforms. We could also imagine that current benchmarking tools may not be optimized yet to support real octa-core processor.