Microsoft Didn’t Have Enough Time to Add a Notification Center to the Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8It appears, Microsoft won’t add the central notification feature to the Windows Phone 8 and there’s a good argument behind this decision: Live Tiles can also display any real-time information. Previously, a Microsoft official admitted that the company might actually add a notification system similar to what we see on the iOS and Android today, if it hasn’t run out of time. Microsoft has gotten plenty of feedback from consumers and developers about this issue and the company has seriously considered about adding the feature in the next WP8 build.

But now, the company concedes that it has run out of time, although many developers in Microsoft considered it to be very important. Like on the Android and iOS, the notification center in Windows Phone is planned to take form as a pull-down menu that gives users information on incoming messages, emails, new updates, missed calls and others. However, for the time being, it would be easier and faster for Microsoft to add a Tile that notifies users about new information.