Microsoft Promises Definite Upgrade Path for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8Microsoft has made it quite clear that users of Windows Phone 8 devices will get full upgrade supports. At this moment, potential customers are often deterred by the apparent deliberate obsolescence. Fortunately, a senior employee told us recently that the there will be a clear upgrade path for Windows Phone 8 users. At this moment, most Windows Phone 7 users are stuck on the older upgrading with limited chance of upgrading, as the Windows Phone 7.8 update is slated only for specific devices.

Unlike previous software platforms, upcoming updates for Windows Phone 8 will support various hardware specs. Microsoft ensures that the Windows Phone 8 platform can evolves and it has a proper architecture that allows better portability.  The more flexible design has also made it possible for Nokia to release a couple of budget Lumia models this year.

The new guidance for hardware specs makes it possible even for low-cost WP 8 devices to deliver nice performance level. Microsoft argues that the Android ecosystem doesn’t have this advantage, as low-end with the platform is likely to have lackluster performance level and older software version.

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