Microsoft Wants To Have A Fresh Start With The Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8Microsoft’s plan to make a strong entry into the mobile industry will be restarted with the release of various Windows Phone 8 devices. Recent sales of handsets powered by Windows Phone 7.x have been pretty weak and the company couldn’t get much a bounce in sales while it partnered only with Nokia.

Nokia sales continue to collapse by about 63 percent in Q3 2012, compared to the same quarter last year. Nevertheless, we can also suspect that mobile consumers may still sit on their fat wallets waiting for the release of Windows Phone 8 devices.

With its multi-core processor support and a host of other enhancements, consumers have a valid reason to wait for the Windows Phone 8. The enhancements are such that the Windows Phone 7.5 looks severely crippled with its many limitations. After being considered as the undisputable leader in the mobile industry, Nokia is enduring the indignation of being removed from the five largest smartphone manufacturers.