One Developer Manages to Flood BlackBerry App Store with 47,000 Apps

BlackBerry App World With only 120,000 apps in its catalogue, BlackBerry is desperate to gather interests from the software development community. One developer seems to be keen to take advantage this situation and it has single handedly responsible for delivering 47,000 BlackBerry OS apps; or about a third of all apps currently available for the software platform. Unfortunately, most of them have disappointing quality. They are typically phrasebooks, audio books, city guides and many others.

By focusing more on quantity instead of quality, the developer is able to dominate the BlackBerry software ecosystem. Spam issues is a problem to any app stores, including Apple’s App Store and by flooding the market with their apps, developers can have more monetization opportunities.

It isn’t surprising to hear numerous complaints about lack of quality apps for latest BB10 smartphones, despite the company’s claim that it has more than 120,000 apps in its catalogue. The true identity of the mysterious developer isn’t known, but quite a few of us may start to suspect that it is none other than BlackBerry itself.