OnePlus6T Launches 6.41 Edge-to-Edge AMOLED Screen

With the new launch in 2019 OnePlus6T is definitely a better option than its predecessors under the 6 series launched a few months ago. The brand OnePlus have launched few series under the OnePlus6 series which were a hit. This time they have concentrated on a bigger screen and better rear camera for low light photography.

OnePlus6T flaunts a 6.41 edge-to-edge AMOLED screen

OnePlus6T flaunts a 6.41 edge-to-edge AMOLED screen at the front, along with a small top notch at the top of the screen. It has maintained the quality by accommodating Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor which keeps it running, as we have seen in the previous smartphones from OnePlus range. The new addition to it is the advancement of the rear dual-camera, specially adapted for low-light photography.

The style and pricing makes it a win-win deal

The smartphone costs almost the same that of the last editions, only adding around 30 Euros (Euro 499). The latest edition under this brand is a win-win deal as it is presented in a smart Swish look. The dual rear camera which has been upgraded for low light photography is a must have for selfie lovers. With the competitive price, good features, and smart looks, OnePlus6T is a must-have for gadget freaks.