Oppo R7 Vs Oppo R5: What is your Best Buy?

Oppo R5One of the finest smartphone manufacturers from China, Oppo has made its mark in global smartphone Industry. The company has faced several ups-down, but has still managed to offer a nice set of phones with top-tier features and stunning design language. Last year, its Oppo R5 smartphone proved a big hit in global markets. The insanely thin device featured tipped at 4.85mm, looked extremely impressive, offered top-of-the line specs for best user-experience. The device looked extremely, but because of its sleek form-factor, it had some major downfalls. Well now, that time has passed and we have the latest member of Oppo family, the new R7.

Oppo R7Launched at company’s 10th birthday, the new Oppo R7 features aprolific combination of sheer class and styling. The device brings some noticeable upgrades over its predecessor, and packs improved hardware specs for great performance. So, what are major elements that change from Oppo R5 to R7? Let’s have a look on our detailed comparison to find out!

Design and Build                             

In the list of changes from R5 to R7, design is probably the best one!The R5 looked extremely well crafted with its thin metal body, but the problem was, it brought stunning looks at the cost of some basic necessities.Plugging a simple set of earphones was a major issue, and users had to use third party USB adapters to listen music.The situation was really complicated, but Oppo worked things out with the new R7 and brought back the lost headphone jack with enhanced thickness at 6.3mm.The new phone brings same level of rigidity with steel in its construction, but is far better than the R5.

Display Quality

The Oppo R5 featuredan immersive viewing experience with its 5.2-inch full-HD AMOLED display, and created an excellent ecosystem for entertainment with rich color rendering and better contrasts. The device was too good for movie buffs, but, with the new Oppo R7, an unexpected change showed up! Oppo took the most unexpected step, and reduced the screen size of R7 by 0.2mm. Maybe the change came because of its big-screened counter-part R7 Plus, but thedisplay output was still extremely crisp and impressive.

Hardware and Power

The new Oppo R7 is one of the only few phones which feature the same chipset from its immediate predecessor. Launched in a gap of half year, the two members of “R” family power up by the same octa-core Snapdragon 615 chip built on 64-bit architecture. They both offer decent performance, but are still lagging behind leading flagships equipped with top-tier chipsets.

However, the additional 1GB RAM equipped with R7 makes the new phone a touch faster than the slim R5. Oppo R7 holds up 3GB of RAM on-board and delivers glitch-free performance while running heavy games and apps.


As for software, the new Oppo R7 offers an incredible deal and ships with Android 5.1 Lollipop, Google’s very latest iteration of mobile OS. It brings a bunch of functionalities with Color OS 2.1, and takes a giant leap over Oppo R5 running the older Android 4.4 KitKat.

On first look, Oppo’s custom Color UI will look identical on both phones, but when you’ll look into details, you’ll see bunch of upgrades with the new R7, including the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop.With no app drawer and very small amount of bloatware, both phones look extremely well-polished and clean as well.

Camera Performance

For those who love photography, Oppo R5 and R7 bring an excellent ecosystem with their prolific rear and front-facing shooters. The two metal-built boast the same 13-megapixel shooter with a bunch of features. They deliver incredible lowlight performance, but the 8-megapixel front-facing snapper of Oppo R7is a far better choice over the 5-megpapixel unit on R5.

Although Oppo R5 features f2.0 aperture, its successor stands out completely with Schneider-Kreuznach optics and phase detection autofocus technology!


Oppo’s obsession with 16GB continues from R5 to R7.Despite facing hug criticism for offering R5 with limited storage space, the company committed the same mistake by introducing R7 with 16GB of on-board storage.The only change that came was with the second SIM card slot, which was transformed into a hybrid for holding micro-SD cardup to 128 gigs.


On the connectivity front, there is no major difference between R5 and R7. Both phones feature standard connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPRS, and micro-USB, and deliver blazing download and upload speeds with advanced Cat.4 LTE technology. Browsing on either phone is extremely slick, but their support Indian LTE bands is still not confirmed.

Battery Capacity

With an insanely slim metal body, Oppo R5 brought another disadvantage with reduced battery capabilities.The device featured a power-sucking AMOLED panel, but its source of power was relatively weak. With a capacity of 2000mAh, it could barely last for an entire day.

However, Oppo understood this problem, and brought a considerable upgrade by powering R7 with a bigger 2,320mAh battery. It’s not a major upgrade, but is still good enough to keep you connected throughout the day, on moderate usage.

Furthermore, both phones make use of company’s VOOC fast charging technology, promising 75% charge in just a matter of just 30 minutes. This technology has been designed specifically for puny phones with small battery capabilities.


Presently, the super-slim Oppo R5 is hitting the shelves via offline and online channels at a price around 25k. It’s a good deal for a mid-range phone, but as speculated, its successor R7 will also come at the same price tag. In china, it has been priced at CNY 2,499, which is roughly Rs. 25,700 in Indian currency.

Final Verdict

Considering the entire face-off, we can safely conclude that the new Oppo R7 is a worthy upgrade over its predecessor. The new device brings some major hardware and software tweaks, and looks far better than most mid-range phones rolling in the market.

Its official launch date is still not confirmed, but looks like, many enthusiastic Oppo fans are waiting eagerly for phone to show up in Indian market.