Oppo Unveils The Female-Oriented Smartphone, Ulike 2

Oppo Ulike 2Today’s, smartphone market is getting more competitive with device manufacturers pulling out all tricks in an attempt to outdo the competition. Many manufacturers choose to keep prices low and features set reasonable, while others are moving to specific market niches. Women are frequent niche targets in the phone industry and recently Samsung has released the Galaxy S3 Mini in Titan Gray and Garnet Red, which seems to target the ladies.

Oppo, a Chinese phone maker, known for its innovative phone design has unveiled the Ulike 2. The phone offers decent hardware specs, including the 4.5″ qHD display, dual-core processor and 5Mp rear-facing camera. One noteworthy female-oriented feature is an interesting type of mirror. Instead of a typical mirror made from glass or shiny metal, Oppo uses a camera that seems to be better than a mirror.

The phone will be available in two color schemes that most female consumers would find attractive, silk white and light pink. Other specs of Ulike 2 are typically decent such as, the 2020mAh battery, 16GB of onboard storage and 8Mp of rear facing camera.