Postel Hints Multiple Sony’s New Smartphones

Sony SmartphonesPostel is a government agency in Indonesia that registers new telecommunication devices to be available in the country. In the past, Postel occasionally gave us clues on unannounced devices and it recently shows seven new models in its database. Although Sony has allegedly decided to stop introducing new high-end devices at CES, we could see some of these models unveiled in the event.

D5503 is one of the smartphone model mentioned by Postel and it could be the International version of the Japan-only Xperia Z1f. The phone is equally powerful when compared to the larger Xperia Z1, with 20Mp rear-facing camera and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, despite the fact that it is offered in a more compact package. The display is smaller at 4.3-inch with 720 x 1280 screen resolution.

Other smartphone model mentioned by the website is the SPG521, which could be a WiFi-only version of the huge Xperia Z Ultra phablet. The D2105 is probably an improved model of the Xperia L or the C2105. The SPG 521 could have a relation with the Xperia Tablet Z or the SPG321. We could also spot other model numbers, including the Sony D2005, Sony D5503, Dony D5322 and Sony D6503.