Qualcomm Announces Three New Snapdragon Processors for Smartphones

Snapdragon Processors for SmartphonesQualcomm recently unveiled two new quad-core Snapdragon S4 platforms, MSM8225Q and MSM8625Q, which will be used for upcoming smartphone. The company revealed that these processors are direct successors to previous dual-core models: MSM8225 and MSM8625. These chips are highly optimized to allow phone makers upgrade their old Snapdragon S1 phone models to much more advanced dual- and quad-core S4 processors, without having to make significant changes. These new processors support LPDDR2 RAM, 720p video and improved bus bandwidth.

The Snapdragon S4 Play MSM8225Q features an integrated UMTS modem and the MSM8625Q combines UMTS and CDMA functionality in a built-in modem. Both processors support Bluetooth 4.0, FM connectivity and WiFi. Previously the company also introduced the high end Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8930, which supports TD-SCDMA, CDMA and UMTS, LTE-TDD and TD-SCDMA, making it suitable for Chinese market.  These three chips will be used by mid-range and high-end handsets released in 2013, providing improved performance at reduced price.