Rumors on Microsoft Surface Phone Resurface

Microsoft Surface Phone ResurfaceSupply chain is a frequent source of leaks and earlier rumors are reconfirmed with reports that Microsoft has been quietly developing the Surface Phone and it is expected to arrive on the market before Q3 2013. Microsoft’s close partnership with Nokia may not pan out as intended as early Lumia smartphones failed to gain traction in the highly competitive industry where powerful, large-screened dual- and quad-core handsets are dominating the market. It took quite long for the software giant to deliver the mobile OS and so Microsoft definitely has itself to blame

To make things safer, Microsoft hedges its bets by allowing Samsung and HTC to work on ATIV S and 8X/8S, respectively. Redmond might be attempting to follow Google’s example by releasing an official Windows Phone 8 handset. There’s also a possibility that the phone will be equipped with a minor update of WP8 since it will be released in 2013. Microsoft’s Surface Phone may have a special aura to loyal WP fans and it will be a playground for newest software and hardware updates.