Russian Defense Ministry Releases RoMOS, an Ultra-Secure Android Build

RoMOSLike it or not, mobile devices regularly collect our personal data and sometimes send them to a remote computer. A developer team from the Russian Defense Ministry came up with a security-enhanced Android OS build that doesn’t transmit any data, even to Google. RoMOS is showcased in IFA 2012 running on a specified tablet model. The military-grade slate is resistant to water damage and shock, meant to be used by government officials and military personnel in Russia.

A trimmed-down commercial model will also be made available for purchase at about $460. Instead of A-GPS, the tablet will use Russia’s own satellite-based navigation system, GLONASS. Despite the significant enhancement, RoMOS should still behave more or less like Android, which will make it easier for many people to make a quick transition. If needed, with minor modification, RoMOS can be adapted to work on a smartphone as well.

In a nutshell, security features of RoMOS-based devices may be too powerful for average consumers and it should be used only by companies that handle critical data, such as financial firms.