Samsung and LG May Begin to Release 1080p Smartphones Next Year

1080p Smartphones ReleaseSources from Korea told us that Samsung and LG will deliver high-end smartphones with 1080p display, before second half of 2013. With the J Butterfly, HTC has convincingly beaten everyone and while the phablets 5” 1080p display is impressive, it appears that LG and Samsung aren’t in a hurry.

Even with its large display, the HTC J Butterfly still manages to deliver 443ppi, which beats the iPhone 5 convincingly. Other than Samsung and LG, Sony could also be working on a 1080p smartphone, so we shouldn’t be too surprised if more phone makers will jump on the 1080p bandwagon at some point.

It is likely that LG will stick with LCD display and Samsung with Super-AMOLED display. While this is just a rumor, it’s quite unlikely that LG and Samsung will let HTC to lead the market in terms of display resolution.