Samsung Continues to Target More Niches in Smartphone Industry

Samsung Galaxy S4 ActiveIt’s quite interesting to see how Samsung tries to capitalize the highly popular Galaxy S4 brand and comes up with a number of variants designed for specific niches in the smartphone market. They attach a compact camera to the new flagship and call it the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Also, there’s a dust- and water-proof variant called the Galaxy S4 Active.

This might sound like a good reason to mock Samsung, but there’s a serious business consideration behind it. Apparently, Samsung is treating its Galaxy smartphone lineup, like their vast collection of fridges and TVs. The R&D department churns out many variations so that the company can target even the smallest niche.

This would be the exact opposite to the strategy taken by Apple that tries to lure in the largest number of consumers with the fewest number of devices. While we may say that Samsung seems to have more concern on quantity and less focus on perfection; many consumers would be happy that the company builds something specifically for them.